Your Kids Will Want Seconds of These DHA-Rich Foods

DHA-rich foods provide the healthy fats your family needs to learn and grow and thrive, but which are the best for your kids? While research is still being done, early results suggest that a diet rich in DHA can also support improved behavior. These four foods provide the support your kids need and are great in a variety of recipes.

Remember, it can take up to 20 times for kids to enjoy a new food, so keep trying! If they don’t like it one week, try serving it another way the next. As their tastes evolve, you’ll be able to incorporate more foods.

Wild-Caught Fish

High-quality, wild-caught fish are one of the best sources for DHA and is important for both brain and heart health. Fish tacos are a great way to incorporate it into your kids’ diet because there are more flavors to incorporate through salsa and guacamole. (Another brain boosting food!) Make a taco bar to give them control over the toppings, and use organic corn or flour tortillas as a base.

Wild-caught salmon is one of our favorite first foods, too. After your baby has tried avocado and banana, talk to your doctor about including this high-quality food in their diet.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens contain alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is converted into DHA after eating. Another reason to eat your greens! Incorporate spinach and kale into smoothies to boost the nutrient density. (Adding berries and frozen banana means your kids won’t even taste it!)

If your kids enjoy eating pasta, chop up leafy greens and mix in with the sauce. It won’t affect the taste but will add a boost of DHA to their diet.


Flaxseeds are a nutritional powerhouse for their size, and also offer the ALA that’s converted into DHA. Its mild taste is easy to add into nearly anything. Try ground flaxseed in smoothies, oatmeal, and in homemade granola.

The Smart Family kitchen also enjoys using flaxseed oil in salad dressings for an added boost.


Eggs are filled with nutrients and can be a great early food as well. The yolks have some of the most important nutrients, so make sure to use the entire egg. If your kids don’t enjoy plain scrambled eggs, try making mini quiches in muffin tins filled with veggies, sausage or bacon, and cheese.

These DHA-rich foods will make dinnertime more than just food. It’s the foundation for your kids’ happy and healthy life of playing, learning, and growing! From salmon to eggs, these foods are easy to incorporate into your meals.

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