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Our kiddos’ brains grow like a pyramid – from the ground up with 400mg DHA per 1ml! GREAT for the whole family – by itself or add into food or beverage.

Developing a strong foundation during the first years of life is crucial for future learning, behavior, and health. THINK SMART™ DHA Drops give your baby the best start they can have. Brain development is an ongoing process that begins before birth and goes well into adulthood. However, in the first years of life, more than 1 million new neural connections form every second.**

With an incredible mix of omega-3 fatty-acids, THINK SMART™ DHA Drops ensure better development of your kiddo’s brain and eyes by supporting important cognitive processes that your baby will use to learn and create their first experiences of life. We make sure our fish oil is pure and filtered to give you peace of mind that your little-one is only getting the best quality from the best sources. Our drops are sugar-free and convenient for moms, with an ease-of-use dropper packaged inside.

 Make every day a smart day with THINK SMART™!

** Center on the Developing Child (2009). Five Numbers to Remember About Early Childhood Development (Brief). Retrieved from

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