For KIDS from 1 to 100

Smart Bundles™: DHA Drops + Probiotic Sprinkles + Vision Health


Smart Supply™ for Brain, Gut & Eye Health

Our THINK SMART™ Drops with 400mg DHA

ONE ml has 500mg of Fish Oil with 400mg of DHA, 50mg of EPA plus 50mg more Omega-3s

Our TUMMY SMART™ 10BCFUs Multi-strain PROBIOTIC Sprinkles

TUMMY SMART™ Probiotic Sprinkles
ONE PACKET of 3 grams has 10Billion CFU of 7 different strains of probiotics - MORE THAN the leading probiotic supplements on the market

Our SEE SMART™ Chewables with 25mg Bilberry & Lutein

SEE SMART™ Chewables
ONE TABLET has 15mg Bilberry, 10mg Lutein and 4mg Zeaxanthin - MORE THAN any vision/eye health supplement on the market

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