Preparing Your Kids For Back To School

Switching from summer mode to school mode can be challenging for both kids and parents. While your kiddos are filled with first-day jitters, parents are racking their brains to make sure they’ve got lunches packed, alarms set, and backpacks ready to go. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, don’t worry! We’ve got everything you need to know to help you and your kids feel prepared for the new school year.

Get Back Into A Sleep Schedule

Staying up late watching movies and eating popcorn is what summer’s all about, but going to bed a little earlier will help you and your kiddos get back on track. Getting eight hours of sleep each night can increase cognition and memory, which will help their performance in school.

A week before school starts, have your kids go to bed 10 minutes earlier each night, and wake up 10 minutes earlier each morning so they’re ready for their first day.

Re-Establish School Routines

Have your child practice getting back into a school routine. If they’re not allowed to watch TV until their homework is done, or can’t eat sweets after a certain time, have them practice that now so it’s an easy transition when school comes around.

Setting up a homework station is a great way to encourage learning and have a designated study area they can work at, just like you do!

Get Back To Healthy Eating

We’re all guilty of eating a little too much ice cream during the summer, but fall is the perfect time to reboot your brain and metabolism with nutrient dense foods.

Start swapping out the ice cream for fruit popsicles or frozen yogurt, and include lots of protein and vegetables at dinner. Read our blog on the brain foods you and your kids should be eating every day!

Review School Information

While summer is a well deserved break from the books and studying, it’s easy for kids to forget the material they learned the previous year. Help your kids feel prepared by reviewing old worksheets and quizzes so the information is fresh in their minds.

Reading before bed is another great way to encourage them to get back into school mode.  

Go Back To School Shopping

To get your kids excited about the new year, give them choices when it comes to back to school shopping. Have them help you pick out new clothes, a book bag, and school supplies. The more confident they feel, the better they’ll perform. This is a great way to give them a little responsibility, too!

A new school year can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. A little organization and planning goes a long way. Get ahead of the game now so your family can enjoy the last few days of summer soaking up the sun. They’ll love a little one on one time!