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What makes Smart Family Nutrition different from other dietary supplement brands?

Smart Family Nutrition was built by parents, for parents. As a team, we came together with the help of leading pediatricians to formulate products that kids love and moms trust. We are the gummy alternative. We are sugar free. And we aim to make the lives of parents easier through supplementation and nutrition. 

Is it okay if my child takes more than the dose on the box?

We get it, they are delicious! It is completely okay for your kiddos to indulge a little on our sugar free formula. We do recommend trying to stick to the daily dosage on the box, but there are no harmful side effects of taking a few extra! But remember if your child has a preexisting condition, always be sure to check with your children’s physician before starting any supplement!

Are these products safe for the whole family?

Yes, all our products are safe and fun for the whole family! While we do recommend certain target ages, this should not stop you from giving you teenager the DHA drops if they love them!


  • Tummy Smart Soft Melts, See Smart Soft Melts, Think Smart Soft Gels, and the DHA Soft Chews are fun for the kiddos and the parents. As parents ourselves, we know our kiddos aren’t the biggest fans of swallowing pills, so we created a brand that offers many ways to enjoy the benefits of our products!

  • It is recommended that for children under the age of 2 use the Tummy Smart Sprinkle Packs and the Think Smart DHA drops because these delivery formats are made specifically for infancy. 


Are these products Kosher?

Yes, we do have one product that is Kosher and Halal certified- our Think Smart DHA + D3 Chews! 

Are these products Dairy Free? Gluten Free?

Yes! All our products are dairy free and gluten free!

Why does Smart Family Nutrition not do gummies?

Smart Family Nutrition wanted to stay away from gummies because gummies contain A LOT of sugar. We didn’t want sugar in our kiddos systems and we didn’t want it sticking to your enamel! Sugar in gummies can lead to tooth decay over time, and no parent wants that!

What is the best time to take these products?

We always recommend taking any dietary supplement on a full stomach either right after breakfast or after dinner.

Where is a good place to store my vitamins?

We recommend for optimal storage conditions, store in a cool, dry place (59° – 77° F/15°-25° C) (35-65% relative humidity)

Refrigeration is not required, but could extend the length efficacy of Think Smart products.

Can I give these to my child who is under 2 years old?

Yes! All our products are perfectly efficacious for all ages. We have considered all types of kids- big and small, picky and not picky. Therefore, we have many deliveries forms to match what best suits your child.

Having said that, we do recommend all children under the age of two start with the Tummy Smart Probiotic Sprinkle and Think Smart DHA Drops. 

Are Smart Family Nutrition vitamins approved by the Food and Drug Administration?

Yes! All Smart Family Nutrition Products were run through a regulatory process and have FDA approved standards.

Can I take the probiotic and DHA as a prenatal during pregnancy?

All our products are efficacious during pregnancy, but they will not replace a prenatal. We always recommend listening to your doctor on what you need during pregnancy. Don’t worry though- our team is working hard in the formulation process to get a prenatal for our new mommas!


What are the daily requirements of DHA? How does this compare to what is in Smart Family Nutrition products?

The optimal dose of omega-3 fatty acids for children ranges from 500-1,000mg/day and for adults can reach up to 1,300mg/day depending on age and disease state. 

In just one ml of our Think Smart DHA drops it contains 500mg of omega-3 fatty acids and 400mg of pure DHA. And in one of our Think Smart DHA Soft Chews contains 600mg of omega-3 fatty acid and 282mg of DHA. These products were chosen and formulated due to the highest payload of DHA that we could incorporate in each dose.

DHA is the component of omega-3 fatty acids that can contribute to better cognitive function**. 

Where does your DHA come from?

Our fish oils are primarily sourced from pristine Pacific waters.

Our fisheries will only source from the most robust and well monitored fishing stock and are always caught in a justifiable manner. We are proud that our products are Friend of the Sea Certified. The Friend of the Sea certification program contributes to the health of the oceans by assessing and promoting sustainable fishing practices. For a full list of Friend of the Sea Approved Fisheries and Fleets click here

Do the THINK SMART products have a fishy taste/ after taste? Are they burpless?

Our products have the highest quality of DHA and have proven to have no fishy taste. We formulated closely with our manufacturers to ensure that we provided the best tasting products on the market. No fishy taste, no fishy burps!


What strands of probiotics do you use and why?

We use a 10 billion live culture combination of Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus because it is proven that these two strains can aid synergistically in digestive health. Backed by the Sears family research our strains were hand selected for optimal efficacy.

Lactobacillus is also found in yogurt and other fermented foods, this is the most common probiotic. Lactobacillus has been found likely effective for treating and preventing diarrhea, including infectious types such as rotaviral diarrhea in children, and may help people with traveler’s diarrhea. Some research also supports the use of certain — but not all — strains of Lactobacillus to treat colic in babies, lung infections, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome caused by bacteria.

Bifidobacterium is found in some dairy products such as yogurt and cheese. Some research suggests Bifidobacterium may help ease constipation IBS, ulcerative colitis and lung infections.

Are your TUMMY SMART Sprinkle Packs Tasteless?

Yes! Our TUMMY SMART Sprinkle Packs are tasteless, and dissolvable. The sprinkle packs are an easy on-the-go probiotic that can be added to most beverages and food items. 

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