Brain Stimulating Summer Activities for Your Kids

Summer is officially in full swing, which for most means sunshine, sandy beaches, and water slides. While summer gives kids a well-deserved break from school, as parents, you don’t want them to forget what they’ve learned over the past year! Here are the perfect activities to keep your kiddos brain’s stimulated all summer long.


Have your kids pick some of their favorite summertime fruits and veggies and start their own garden. The process of planting their own seeds, watching them grow into plants, and eventually eating them can give students a new perspective on healthy eating habits. Not only will they be growing the perfect summer snacks, but gardening also teaches kids responsibility and how plants grow.

Play an Instrument

Musical instruments are proven to promote clearer thinking and stronger memory. Not only do you have to learn the skills to play the instrument, but you also have to learn how to read music. When kids learn to play an instrument, they exercise the corpus callosum, which expands the part of the brain that is associated with sound, memory, and motor skills. In return, this enhances their hand-eye coordination, hearing, and awareness.


If there’s a rainy day this summer, that doesn’t mean your kids need to sit in front of the TV all afternoon. Instead, have them read an entertaining book or magazine. Grab a group of friends from your kids’ school and start a summer book club, or look into summer reading programs at your local library.

Puzzles and Board Games

Games are more educational than you’d think! Crossword puzzles, word games, number activities, and strategizing all help stimulate the brain and allow your kids to recognize, remember, and understand new concepts and ideas. Start a family trivia night, or have your kids play a board game while dinner is cooking to keep their brains active throughout the day.


Swimming keeps your kids cool in the summer heat, and it’s also great for improving your child’s brain activity. Swimming allows the body to perform cross patterning movements and operations that you don’t get from walking or riding a bike. When your body is using different muscle groups, it requires your brain to think harder to perform, making you stronger and more coordinated. Strong motor skills can lead to higher academic achievement.


Keeping a journal is a simple way for your kids to engage their brain and express what’s on their mind. Have your kids write a daily journal entry: what they did that day, or what they’re looking forward to doing tomorrow. Not only is it brain stimulating, but it’s also a way for your child to look back on what a great summer they had and how their writing skills have improved.

Turn off the TV and turn on your kids’ brains this summer. All it takes is getting up, getting active, and trying something new to keep their minds moving. With these fun and stimulating activities, they won’t even realize they’re learning at the same time!