For KIDS from 1 to 100



Most Asked Questions

What makes Smart Family Nutrition different from other dietary supplement brands?

Are all your products sugar-free? If so, how do they taste SO good?

Is it okay if my child takes more than the dose on the box?

Are these products safe for the whole family?

Who is Vitamin Angels? Does my money go to a cause?

General Product Questions

Are these products Kosher?

Are these products Dairy Free? Gluten Free?

Why does Smart Family Nutrition not do gummies?

Smart Family Nutrition seems expensive, why?

What is the best time to take these products?

Where is a good place to store my vitamins?

Can I give these to my child who is under 2 years old?

Are Smart Family Nutrition vitamins approved by the Food and Drug Administration?

Can I take the probiotic and DHA as a prenatal during pregnancy?


What are the daily requirements of DHA? How does this compare to what is in Smart Family Nutrition products?

Where does your DHA come from?

Do the THINK SMART products have a fishy taste/ after taste? Are they burpless?


What strands of probiotics do you use and why?

Are your TUMMY SMART Sprinkle Packs Tasteless?